The GV Santa Bus has it’s own facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/832200946821497/  please visit. If you want to follow the Santa Bus please join.

This tradition was started a couple of years before I became involved, by a few citizens and local businesses that wanted to make Christmas a little happier and a little more special for children of Grain Valley. I took over the project in 1995 I think (didn’t really keep track at that time). In my beginning with the project, we would travel the entire city in one day. It has grown to four 12 hour Saturdays and three 10 hour Sundays. We currently see about 4,000 kids a year and give out about 2,500 donated stuffed toys along with candy and small toys we purchase for the kids too old for stuffed toys. It is manned entirely by volunteers and supported by the donations from local businesses and friends of the project that support the original goals that it was founded under. Those supporters are recognized on our Sponsor and Volunteer pages. I would encourage you to support them as well as all Grain Valley businesses when you are in need of the products or services they provide to the community. It is because of these donors and volunteers this tradition is able to continue. If you would like to donate to the project or volunteer to help please use the contact form.

Thank You
GV Santa